Trying to Quit Something? Try These.

Did you know that stopping a bad habit is a lot harder than starting a new habit? That’s why when we try to quit, for example, smoking or checking our phone we often replace one bad habit with a potentially equally unhelpful behaviour.

Here is a list of links to posts about things you can try for yourself to become a successful Quitter.

Tools for Getting Started. These are the Bat Gadgets you need as basic for your Quitter Utility Belt.

Face Your Triggers. Make A Plan. Explains how bad habits are always sparked by something in your environment, and how to decide what you want to do instead.

Too Many Triggers! An example of how to deal with Really Bad Days, with ways to delay and distract yourself.

Snack Attack? Crack Yourself Up. 10 Ways to get back on track fast by embracing the funny.

Some Funny Things I May Have Said

“Time sure flies when you’re very determined to kill it in as many different ways as possible.”

The Quitter, on Distracting Oneself

“My husband can’t be counted on to hire a sky writer to trace vapour trails over the village proclaiming My Wife Is Snack Free!

The Quitter, on Celebrating Acheivements

“I’ve read some books, plus a couple of pamphlets.”

The Quitter, on her Extensive Expertise

Quitting like a boss.