What?! Actual Science Published This Week. Snacks Make Us Eat More.

Grown up Kid Number 2 in this family is a biologist. She is a big fan of Dr Tim Spector who has just this week, along with his team of researchers including the great Dr Anna Valdez, announced the publication of an incredible piece of research showing that if we have big swings in our blood sugar during the day, we will eat more over the next 24 hours.

Holy mackerel. This explains my three day Easter eggstravaganza, where I elbowed small children away from the chocolate bowl.

What Should We Be Doing About It?

Like good scientists, Dr Anna says more research needs to be done as this paper raises still more questions about blood sugar levels and behaviour.

But one suggestion is, until we learn more, that we eat meals which release glucose into into our bloodstream slowly and steadily. Dr Anna says which foods do this in fact differs between individuals as well as context, so it is not possible to make a generalised recommendation.

However, we all know that a traditional balanced meal with food prepared from scratch and high in fibre will support steadier blood sugar levels.

Dr Anna’s research also says that the meals which caused the greatest variations in blood sugar were breakfast, snacks and sweet drinks during the day. Wow.


    1. Ha ha. Little kids need to learn that adults are king of the jungle and get to feed first. Worth watching the whole vid I linked in there. Dr Anna really goes into the detail of what they found. It’s a lot.


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