10 Weeks Snack Free

Ten weeks ago I decided to give up all snacking between meals. I had been using pointless eating to help me quit drinking alcohol, which I had become really super good at during Covid lockdown. Gradually, with my massive brain power I figured out that neither drinking nor snacking were really hobbies worth cultivating anymore. I started this blog to record my progress.

I owe fellow blogger Michael an apology because contrary to what I told him, Easter in fact proved a bit of challenge, not least because I developed a sugar habit in the process of dropping snacking. Giving up sugar has been very difficult. I thought allowing myself the luxury of having some posh chocolate JUST FOR EASTER SUNDAY would be fine. But it lead to three days of going a bit mad, I’m not going to lie to you folks.

It’s fine. I ran out of chocolate and that was the end of that. But it was a curious experience.

I have periodic evenings when the night closes in and we start to gather as a family to watch television and I have the devil on my shoulder being a smart alec, suggesting that one leetle teeny snacky wouldn’t hurt anything. But I resist.

I remind myself of other times I believed the snacky devil during this project and let myself nosh it up, and how unimpressive the experience was. I also remember that once we’re all settled in place and the show starts, I’m fully content with my glass of water and it’s really not a big deal.

In the past week I’ve caught myself losing interest in my lunch so thoroughly that I put my sandwich or cracker or whatever down half-eaten because I’m distracted by the need to tidy something in the kitchen. When this has happened, I pause a little mentally to note with internal astonishment, “Wow. I guess I don’t really want that if I’d actually rather do this cleaning.”

This is wildly out of character for me. I NEVER used to walk away from partially eaten food. I NEVER used to think housework in any form was compelling, let alone more interesting than my lunch. Who IS this woman I’ve become? I’ve never even SEEN her before.

My sleep has dramatically improved. I thought I was an incurable insomniac and hopelessly light sleeper, ready to awaken at the slightest disturbance. Well, that has changed totally. Husband, who continues to drink and snack away with abandon, still wakes up every night to wander the house. We used to be like two ghosts, haunting our dark house, quietly wandering about every night. Now, I sleep like a cute little hedgehog in her burrow.


  1. No apologies needed 🙂

    A changing relationship with food is an intriguing thing indeed . Simply its something we require to live but Really It is such a complex thing Indeed. I think I’ve thought longer and more frequently about my relationship with lard and sugar and red meat than I ever have with the one i have with Mrs Afterwards

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