It Started With Dry January

Covid. What a bastard. But, I was lucky. I get along with my family. We have a lovely garden. I’m pretty good on store cupboard cooking. No one got ill. But those long winter evenings were b…o…r…i…n…g!

I have had a long love affair with alcohol, but under lockdown I found I was drinking every night. This wasn’t good. It was a waste of money. I wasn’t particularly enjoying my drink(s). It was clear the sundown drink had become a habit, rather than a complement to a meal, a social emollient, or even an emotional lift.

I signed up to a free app, Try Dry, which helped support me through the abstinence bit. What I discovered about myself during these days was that Covid alcohol had become a way to pass the time and a balm for my frustration at feeling I couldn’t leave the house. I had been medicating feelings of boredom and frustration.

Once I figured that out, I could ask myself the right questions about what I wanted to do instead of drinking. While that’s fine and dandy, my substitute behaviour for drinking had morphed from nibbling a dainty plate of biscuits and cheese into dropping face first into a salad bowl of whatever salty snacks were in the cupboard. Grocery shopping had turned into an embarrassing experience of parading a cart of healthy fresh veg under a fluffy duvet of air-filled pillows protecting a wide range of savoury crunch.

I was gaining weight. I was still bored and frustrated. By week 3 of Dry Jan, I wasn’t even enjoying the bale of crisps I noshed through while watching old episodes of Midsomer Murders.

And so the Quit Snacking journey begins.


  1. I once had to give up midsomer murders as it made me realise my life wasn’t villagey enough. The murders im.less fussed about but kept wanting to move somewhere with a local cricket team, a pub and post office Only…

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    1. Last night we had some excitement. A long way off I saw the blue flashing lights of an ambulance headed towards our village. I summoned my husband to put on his boots so we could go for a walk to see if we could find it. Walking in the pitch darkness is part of the thrill. We could turn our ankles in the potholes! We could wander off the path, over a precipice and into an unguarded stream! We take what entertainment we can get.


      1. Once the goose belonging to our local GP was stolen. Who would steal a goose? It’s like stealing a hell hound but worse. Oh… maybe its neck was no longer intact when it was stolen… My husband hit it once with his briefcase, and then the goose *really* disliked him after that.


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